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Relaxing at our writer's workshop If you want to change your life, try writing about it. Or about anything that stirs your imagination.  -P.T.
Nightwriters workshop.  Small seminars in creative settings… for people who need to write it down

What Makes a Nightwriters Workshop Unique?

Writers require a delicate balance between solitude and companionship in order to be productive. Nightwriters seminars try to provide this in settings that are beautiful, stress-free, and give you enough space to be alone, but not isolated. Most of you have moved heaven and earth to free up the time to be here. Now we want you to feel as if you’ve got all the time in the world. Think of a 19th century house party, where the ambience is cozy, the meals memorable (and prepared by someone else) all you have to do is think about your writing. Or not think about it. Part of the process is to hang your imagination on a hook for a few hours every day. Take a nap, or walk. Some very serious writing gets started at Nightwriters seminars. We think it’s because while you are with us you have the opportunity to light a good fire beneath your imagination and - as importantly - pile on enough inspirational wood to keep it going for a long time once you return home.

The Writer's House in Ashland, Virginia is a cozy retreat for someone who wants to get away for a few days or weeks to focus upon a project, with a built in editor, Phyllis Theroux, within walking distance of your place.

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